I’m Deanna

I’m a writer and teacher in Bible Study and theology

Are you looking for a Bible study that feels deeper, fresher, more transformative?  

I was too, which is why after working in Chemical Engineering and then staying home with my two sons, I went back to school for a Masters in Theological Studies.  I was amazed and the depth and transformative power of my classes, and now I’m passionate about bringing that kind of substance and inspirational study to YOU!

Statement of Faith

…what I believe and how it matters for my teaching. This is where to read to find out if I’m a teacher for your and your group!

I live in Austin, Texas with my husband and two teenage sons.  We are active at the University Avenue Church of Christ. I teach in-person and remote classes that delve into the heart of Scripture.

I love sketching and painting
watercolor and alcohol ink art, reading science-fiction and mystery novels, and attending my
family’s Scout and track events.

I graduated from the Austin Graduate School of Theology (now Lipscomb University Austin Center) with a Masters of Arts in Theological Studies in 2020. It took me eight and a half years to complete my degree while also staying home with my two boys!

About Deanna’s Teaching

Do you want to love your Bible study more?

I teach from Scripture in a way that makes the Bible come alive.  When I started taking graduate school classes, I was amazed at how fresh and new my studies were!  There was no glossing over the hard content of the Bible – instead we dove in deeper, to see the faithfulness of God in Scripture.

There was new material about every passage that I’d never heard before, even though I’ve been in Bible classes all my life.  And now I’m bringing that deepening, invigorating, transformative knowledge to YOU, at your event!

Statement of Faith: What I Believe

…and also what it means for how I teach and whether I’m the teacher for you.

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What students say

What I really enjoyed about it was when you gave us the perspective of the cities Paul traveled to, and the people who were there, and how the perception would be – and I really love that extra layer that I can’t get from just reading it… We get deeper.

– Teri, from To the Ends of the Earth: Acts 13-28

Deanna is a Bible scholar! She makes me really think about the scriptures.

Lael, Women’s Bible Study Participant