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What’s on this site? You can join our live Bible study each semester, and I have free videos of discussion classes, a video course for purchase to use with your own group, info about having me speak at your event, and a short book (learn more about what we offer here).  You can learn more about me here.

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The Name of God: Learning the Personal Name Behind the Translation “The LORD” in Scripture.

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I speak at retreats, seminars, luncheons and other Bible study events! I’ve taught in 27 multi-lesson studies over the last fifteen years, plus other formats. I can provide theme ideas and can customize the sessions to the needs of your group!

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At the Table with Jesus- Video Course

Are you looking for a good video Bible study that you can use for your group? Something that goes in-depth into the Scriptures, and that your whole group can participate in?

Check out At the Table with Jesus: The Table Ministry in the Gospel of Luke

  • 12 Lessons
  • Over 7.5 hrs In-depth video teaching
  • Optional Scripture Readings and Preparation Questions for before each class provided
  • Plenty of Discussion Questions provided
  • Facilitator Guide included!

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Come to the table with Jesus. Let’s join Jesus as he sits down to eat – with strangers and friends, followers and enemies, the few and the many. Jesus teaches in these moments and points us toward communion with God and one another.

God of Restoration: Poetry and Prophesy in Isaiah 40-55

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These first fifteen chapters of the second section of Isaiah are an extended poem in which God speaks to and about Israel after the exile. 

This poetry declares God’s rescue and restoration of the people of Israel who have been suffering in exile, but the passages also look forward to God’s plan for our rescue and salvation through God’s servant. Come join us as we study how these chapters celebrate God as creator, look forward to the Messiah, and point to the new creation God has designed for God’s servants and by them, all nations.

Short Bible Study Book
The Name of God

Are you looking for a good, short Bible study in book form?

Have you ever wondered why the Bible sometimes puts the word “LORD” in small caps, and whether it means anything?

Check out The Name of God for free! The three-chapter e-book is yours when you subscribe!

Colossians Bible Study

Check out the discussion videos and more at Colossians: Christ in You, the Hope of Glory.

Colossians is a short but mighty book, about who Jesus is and about how being in Christ changes everything about our lives and our future. Colossians is transcendent but also practical, ancient yet relevant, brief and still rich.

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