About Bible Studies and FAQ

Want to love your time spent in Bible study? Want in-depth study that opens you to the transformation of the Spirit through time in God’s word? That’s what we’re about!

Types of Bible Studies

1. Free Semester Bible studies

Attend Live

We offer different types of Bible studies. Each semester, I teach a Bible study class that you can attend live, either in-person in downtown Austin, Texas, or online from anywhere in the world. There are two time slots with the same content taught at each section. Want to attend? Contact Deanna and get all the details (we can’t put the Zoom link on line because then internet trolls would ruin things for everyone, but I send it to all subscribers and anyone who asks)!

There is a Study Page for each class with all the reading assignments and study questions (optional), the full schedule for the class, and information on my study sources. After each lesson, I post the recorded class video on the Study Page. If you miss class or have a bad connection, or just want to see it again, the video is available.

Watch Previous Semester Studies

Access all the past semester studies by their Study Pages in the Articles section. Past Bible Studies (and individual lessons) are collected here: https://deannamunger.com/category/bible-study/ .

2. Live Speaking Events

I speak at weekend retreats, seminars, luncheons, and other church and Bible study events. If you are hosting an event, find out more about scheduling me as a speaker here.

3. Video Course for Purchase

If you would like to host a Bible study for your own group, you can purchase a Video Course to use! This course has in-depth video lessons, printable handouts with Scripture readings and study questions, plenty of discussion questions, and a facilitator guide. It’s easy to use and perfect for a group setting.

We currently offer one course, At the Table with Jesus, a study of the table passages in the gospel of Luke. Find more information at https://deannamunger.com/video-course-at-the-table-with-jesus/.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I can trust what will be taught or if I’ll agree with it? It can be hard to select a Bible study teacher, not knowing if you can trust what they say about the Bible. I work very hard to teach faithfully from Scripture and to be transparent when there are differing understandings. That’s why I have a Statement of Faith to discuss what I believe and let you know what to expect.

How much experience do you have? I have a master’s degree in Theological Studies from a local seminary, but I’ve also taught in 27 multi-lesson studies, 14 of which I wrote the curriculum, over the last 15 years, in addition to guest speaking in local ministries, teaching as part of special church series, guest teaching on a podcast, teaching as part of a team at a retreat, and speaking multiple sessions as the only speaker at a retreat. These lessons have been in person, via Zoom, and by pre-recorded video. I spoken to audiences of my whole church, women’s ministries, retirement age and older women, friends my own age, college students, homeschool parents, and even theology professors.

Do your Bible Studies cost?

  • The regular semester studies are free to participate in and free to watch later! Yay!
  • I also have a Video Course for purchase in which I teach directly to you and your class. It’s made for you to use to host a Bible study with your own group. It’s an affordable way to have a great, in-depth Bible study with your class!
  • I have a short free book that is also a Bible Study, The Name of God. Later I will have other books for purchase.
  • I speak at events and you can set your budget as you are able.

Are the live classes only for women? Women and men are welcome to attend. Our Tuesday morning Bible study has been an offering of my church’s Women’s Ministry for over 70 years! We have recently had requests from men to attend and so we want to clarify: while the study is hosted by our Women’s Ministry, we are inviting anyone who would like to join!

Is there homework? I don’t have a lot of time. I provide a reading and a brief list of study questions each week, but they are optional! Many attendees don’t use them and that is perfectly fine. You won’t be behind in class!

…But, what if I want homework? I want to really get into this. Yes, there is a reading for each week plus a brief list of study questions that you can use to get into the material before class! It’s optional, but it’s a great way to go deeper. 

I might miss a week, or more, should I even bother? Yes! Nobody can attend every week, but you can still get a lot out the weeks you are there! And we benefit from your presence. If you want to watch what you missed, the videos will be online, but you don’t have to. 

Why are we studying something Old Testament? Shouldn’t we study Jesus? Yes, and the great thing about the Old Testament is that Jesus said it was all about him! Our Old Testament studies will always teach us about the character and plan of God, which leads to Jesus.

Do I have to talk? You don’t have to, but I hope you’ll want to! I won’t put you on the spot, so you can stay in the background. But our best classes happen when people ask questions, share, and puzzle through the Scriptures together.

What if I talk too much? This is a common concern, so you aren’t alone, but it’s really ok. This is a discussion-based study! No one has talked too much yet, even people who have worried about it. Please talk!

Do I need to know a lot about the Bible? You don’t, but please ask if I skim over some knowledge without realizing it. This is an in-depth study, but that doesn’t mean other people know a lot. We have people at all levels of Bible knowledge and someone else will appreciate your question! We’ll all study and learn together!

I don’t know anybody, are you sure I won’t feel awkward? I get it, we all feel awkward going into a new group. But these two groups–Tuesday morning and Wednesday night–are some of the most gracious people I’ve ever known. I could tell you about how kind and welcoming they are, but I’m sure I’d get choked up! Bring your awkward self, I’ll be there being my awkward self, let’s build our lovely community together!

What if I don’t want to be on a lesson recording? I do record our classes (there’s an announcement when I start and stop), but if you don’t want to be on the recording you have two options. First, you can leave your camera off. If you speak on the recording we will hear you but not see you. Second, you can stay muted during the recording. Because I use the “Speaker view” version of the recording (unless there is an error with the recording, which happened once), only people who speak will show up on the playback of the class, even with cameras on. I know how it feels to cringe seeing oneself on camera! But if you’re willing, participating enriches the class for everyone. Still, it’s up to you.

I might have a friend who wants to come with me, what should I do? That’s great! Send them my website if they’d like more information and of course I’d be happy to meet them and welcome them before hand or in class! Just let me know what I can do to help.

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