New Book: The Name of God: Learning the Personal Name Behind the Translation “the LORD” in Scripture

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Have you ever wondered why the Bible sometimes puts the word “LORD” in small caps, and whether it means anything? Hidden behind that small caps formatting is the divine name of God! 

In this short book, you’ll walk alongside Moses for God’s revelation of God’s name and its meaning. 

  • Why did Moses ask for God’s name? 
  • How does the name relate to the burning bush that didn’t burn up? 
  • And where is the name in the text, since I don’t see anything that looks like a proper name?

Then you’ll see the translation challenge of God’s four-letter name, YHWH. Some pronounce it “Yahweh,

  • So where did “Jehovah” come from? 
  • How did it come to be represented as “the LORD” in English translations? 
  • Should I say Yahweh? Why do some people say it and others not?

Finally, why does it matter to me?  We’ll discuss the importance of God’s name for our understanding of God.

All this, in a quick, engaging read!

About the Short Bible Study series

The Name of God is the first in a planned series of short Bible study books!  Each of these works will

  • explain a specific topic in Bible study in a short, accessible read,
  • delve into great content about that topic,
  • bring fresh understanding that is relevant now, and
  • build a foundation for getting deeper into the Word in the future.

I think you totally nailed the target of something that’s accessible but also rich. As you say at one point, “It’s deep stuff!” I thought you did a great job of using simple language to explain complicated concepts and make them easy to ponder… I did find this book super interesting, and especially loved the section about how YHWH became the LORD in the text and the context/decisions that took place for that to happen. Fascinating stuff and I totally nerded out reading it! I also really loved the structure – first, what does the scripture say? What is the historical context around it? Then, what does that mean for us today – what’s the practical application now that we have this information? I found myself thinking, “Hey that was pretty good stuff, I’d read something else by that author.” 🙂

Amanda Pfeifer, beta reader

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