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About Deanna (short)

Deanna Munger (M.A., Theological Studies) is the author of The Name of God and a speaker in Bible study and theology in Austin, Texas where she lives with her husband and two teenage sons. Deanna teaches in-person and online classes through her website,, and is passionate about bringing fresh, in-depth, transformative Bible study to you!

About Deanna (extended)

Deanna Munger (M.A., Theological Studies) is a Bible study teacher, author, and speaker in Austin, Texas, where she lives with her husband and two teenage sons. Her first book is the short Bible study, The Name of God: Learning the Personal Name Behind the Translation “the LORD” in Scripture.

After working in Chemical Engineering and then staying home with her sons, Deanna began looking for ways to learn and to teach Bible study that were deeper, fresher, and more transformative. She went back to school for a Masters in Theological Studies and was amazed at the richness and transformative power of her classes. Now she is passionate about bringing that kind of substance and inspirational study to you!

Deanna does watercolor and alcohol ink art, reads science fiction and mystery novels, and tries to keep up with the boys in their outdoorsmanship and their running cross country and track. Deanna writes Bible studies and teaches in-person and remote classes that delve into the heart of Scripture. Classes are open to new students and information can be found at

About the short book, The Name of God

Why does the Bible put the word “LORD ” in small caps, and does it mean anything? Hidden behind that small caps formatting is the divine name of God!

Walk alongside Moses for God’s revelation of God’s name and its meaning.
– Why did Moses ask for God’s name?
– How does it relate to the burning bush that didn’t burn up?
– And where is the name in Scripture, since I don’t see anything that looks like a proper name?
See the translation challenge of God’s four-letter name, YHWH. Some pronounce it “Yahweh”
– So where did “Jehovah” come from?
– Why is it “the LORD” in English translations?
– Why do some people say it and others not?
Listen as Jesus draws on the name of God to tell us who he is in the gospel of John.

Transform your understanding of the name of God and grow in your relationship with God in this three-chapter Bible study. Discussion questions included for every lesson!


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