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Deanna speaking at a weekend women’s retreat in 2023 with five sessions on The Glory of God.

Need a speaker for your event?

I speak at all kinds of church and Bible study events–from being a guest teacher in an ongoing series, to speaking for a luncheon or half-day event, to being the keynote speaker for multiple sessions at a weekend retreat.

I have taught in 27 multi-lesson studies over the last fifteen years. I’m happy to do a 9-minute solo talk, an hour discussion class, or anywhere in between. I love to include large group discussion with your audience!

About Choosing a Topic or Theme

Already have a topic or theme?

I can work with you on the subject you’ve chosen. If you’ve got ideas but not specific Scriptures, we can discuss what Biblical teaching will be relevant for your theme.

Need a suggested topic or theme?

If you would like some options, here are some topics on which I’ve taught previously. I’ll always emphasize Scripture and spend time in the Word of God!

    • Passage studies from Mark, Luke, Galatians, Philippians, or Colossians make great, immediately relevant material. There are too many possibilities to list!
    • We can bring the Old Testament alive with a study out of Exodus, the life of Samuel or David, the stories in Daniel, or the poetry of Isaiah.
    • Glory: The meaning of the word “glory” in the Bible and how it tells the whole story of Scripture from Creation to New Creation. This is the topic of my in-progress book. I can select passages from the Exodus for a great 3-5 session retreat!
    • Understanding the nature of Scripture: What is the Bible and how should we approach it? This will focus on how Scripture is ancient and different from other things we read, but also inspired and relevant for us today.
    • The Name of the LORD: God reveals God’s name to Moses in Exodus 3, translation history and reverence for God’s name, Jesus as the I AM of God in John 8. This follows my short book, The Name of God.
    • The Kingdom of God: What does Jesus mean when he talks about the Kingdom of God? How can it come near? Has the kingdom come or is it still coming? How are we the ambassadors for this kingdom, and what does that mean for our lives? This will work from Mark and highlight 2 Cor. 5:20.
    • Lessons for Today from Early Church History: New Testament concern for passing down correct teaching, the richness in writings from the early church outside the New Testament, the Rule of Faith in understanding Scripture well, and martyrs in the early church. We can fine tune the content to your audience!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I know if I can trust what will be taught or if I’ll agree with it? It can be hard to select a Bible study teacher, not knowing if you can trust what they say about the Bible. I work very hard to teach faithfully from Scripture and to be transparent when there are different understandings. That’s why I have a Statement of Faith to discuss what I believe and let you know what to expect. You can also read more about me here.
  2. How much experience do you have? I have a master’s degree in Theological Studies from a local seminary, but I’ve also taught in 27 multi-lesson studies over the last 15 years. Fourteen of those were series for which I wrote the curriculum. I’ve also done guest speaking in local ministries, teaching as part of special church series, guest teaching on a podcast, teaching as part of a team at a retreat, and speaking multiple sessions as the only speaker at a retreat. These lessons have been in person, via Zoom, and by pre-recorded video. I’ve spoken to audiences of my whole church, women’s ministries, retirement age and older women, friends my own age, college students, homeschool parents, and even theology professors.
  3. Will we have homework for our attendees to do ahead of time? I’ll provide you with readings and preparation questions for your event if you want them; I advise making these optional. That way if someone has been busy, they can still feel comfortable and benefit! And if they are able to bring a friend who isn’t used to doing advance readings, they can! Preparing ahead will always enrich the experience for your attendees. I’ll also teach so that everyone can benefit, whether they’ve done the readings or not.
  4. Will our sessions be lectures/sermons, or will there be discussion? You can choose! I love to teach by large group discussion, but we can decide what will work best for your event.
  5. How much do people need to know about the Bible? I’d love to know about your group and what the level of Biblical knowledge is–I will tailor my message for your group! However, I always try to be understandable, especially in the most important points, for people who don’t know much about the Bible.
  6. Is it ok if we record and/or stream our sessions? Yes it is! If you record or stream the sessions, I would like access to the recordings as well.

Deanna’s Media Kit–information and images (like bios and photos) that you might need if you’re promoting your event and want to advertise the speaker.

About Deanna

I’m a writer and teacher in Bible Study and theology

Are you planning an event and looking for Bible study that feels deeper, fresher, more transformative?  

I was looking for more as well, which is why after working in Chemical Engineering and then staying home with my two sons, I went back to school for a Masters in Theological Studies.  I was amazed at the depth and transformative power of my classes, and now I’m passionate about bringing that kind of substance and inspirational study to YOU, at your event!

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What participants say

Your study was amazing–thank you for the time you put into this study.

– Heather, participant at 2023 Retreat, “The Glory of God”

Thank you for sharing God’s blessings with us through Luke. You helped make Jesus more intimate to me. Love you dearly.

Dia, participant in 2022 study, “At the Table with Jesus”