At the Table with Jesus: The Table Ministry in the Gospel of Luke

A Complete Video Course for Your Bible Study Group

Are you longing to spend time with Jesus?

Or…do you WISH you were longing to spend time with Jesus? Because sometimes when we read the Bible, it just doesn’t come alive. We want to be amazed by Jesus, but how do we get there?

Come study together! The Scripture will come alive and you will see Jesus and connect to him in a fresh way.

Are you looking for a good video Bible study that you can use for your group? Something that goes in-depth into the Scriptures, and that your whole group can participate in?

Check out At the Table with Jesus: The Table Ministry in the Gospel of Luke

  • 12 Lessons
  • Over 7.5 hrs In-depth video teaching 
  • Printable PDF with Scripture Readings and Preparation Questions for before each class
  • Printable PDF with Plenty of Discussion Questions provided
  • Facilitator Guide included!

Everything you need for in-depth Bible Study is here! 

Come to the table with Jesus. Let’s join Jesus as he sits down to eat – with strangers and friends, followers and enemies, the few and the many. Jesus teaches in these moments and points us toward communion with God and one another.


  • Welcome (3:02)
  • Lesson 1: Introduction to the Table and the Gospel of Luke (23:47)
  • Lesson 2: The Banquet at Levi’s House (38:34)
  • Lesson 3: Dinner at Simon the Pharisee’s (50:23)
  • Lesson 4: Breaking Bread at Bethsaida (39:42)
  • Lesson 5: Hospitality at Martha & Mary’s (38:18)
  • Lesson 6: Hand-Washing at a Pharisee’s House (44:55)
  • Lesson 7: Sabbath at a Pharisee’s House (33:30)
  • Lesson 8: Hospitality at the House of Zacchaeus (44:04)
  • Lesson 9: Passover Part 1 – The Last Supper (33:01)
  • Lesson 10: Passover Part 2 – The Lord’s Supper (34:20)
  • Lesson 11: Breaking Bread at Emmaus (36:03)
  • Lesson 12: Supper with the Disciples and Series Conclusion (32:12)

Ready to see a sample lesson?  You can go the the course platform, Thinkific, and see an entire lesson complete with video and handouts.  But you can also watch the entire video for Lesson 1 right here!  

Check out Lesson 1: Introduction & the Banquet at Levi’s House

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the video course?

 This is a twelve-lesson course on the web-based platform, Thinkific. Each lesson has a set of Scripture readings and preparation questions, a video of me teaching the lesson, and a set of discussion questions for the group to use in class after the video.

Who is teaching the class? 

 I’m Deanna, a Bible study teacher and author who cares deeply about bringing you Bible study content that will help you love your Bible study and be transformed through God’s work and Word! I went back to school, to seminary to earn a Masters of Arts in Theological Studies and have been writing Bible studies and teaching in my church and online for years. Read all about me, my experience, and my Statement of Faith, here.

Who is this for? 

This course is for small group Bible studies, Sunday school classes, Women’s ministry groups, or anyone who wants to get into the Scripture. Any facilitator can use it to have a fresh, in-depth Bible study with any group you wish. The after-video questions are for “thought or discussion” – you can consider them on your own!

This price is for an individual license. If you use it for a group, each member should purchase the course.

What about inviting guests? You said everyone should buy the course.

The definition of “everyone” is on the honor system. Please have all your group members buy a copy, but please also invite your friends! Let’s say you’re watching the videos in class and someone new is willing to start coming to Bible study. The last thing I’d want is to stop them, or ask them to pay before they are committed to study with the group! Just invite and later, if they want to invest, that’s good. If not, we still welcome them to participate!

How much Bible knowledge is needed? 

The course is structured much like a Sunday School class in that it assumes you know some Bible basics – I refer to the New Testament, to the Old Testament (the Hebrew Scriptures), to the books of the Bible, to prophets and common Old Testament passages, etc. I try to introduce those passages with information like, “David, who was the most famous king of Israel, back in its glory days…” If someone were totally unfamiliar with the Bible, they would benefit from some orientation! Try selecting one or two mentors to begin showing them how the Bible is structured.

Anyone, even someone unfamiliar with Scripture, will be able to understand these stories and will recognize the remarkable presence of Jesus. You don’t need any previous knowledge to be amazed at how Jesus treats people and to be compelled by his invitation.

What if some people do the homework and some don’t? 

It will work fine! That’s why these are “Preparation Questions” rather than “homework.”

One challenge of group Bible studies is that some people do more advance preparation than others. I specifically designed these classes so that a person at any level of preparation can follow the lesson and participate.

If you do the reading and consider the preparation questions, you will enrich your experience of Scripture, get practice in making the kinds of connections that produce an in-depth Bible study, and prepare yourself for the richest class experience. If you don’t, it’s totally fine. You will not be lost (and you will not be a second-class participant). You can still have a great class experience, learn, and participate.

Why make the preparation optional? Shouldn’t people be reading the Bible? 

We respect that people have different levels of time, energy, and opportunity to prepare, and we want everyone to be able to come to Bible study. A busy week doesn’t mean you can’t come be refreshed by studying Scripture and discussing it with each other. And this way, a visiting guest won’t be left out.

Sure, you will get more out of anything in which you spend more time in reflection on the Word and it’s application to your life. So if you’re able, give those preparation questions a try! And if not, we’ll still see you in Bible study! 🙂

How hard is it to be a facilitator? 

It’s easy! It requires no Bible knowledge – you don’t need to have the answers, and I’ve already provided the questions. You need someone who is able to share the handouts, log in to the course platform, and start the videos. After the video, one person can start the discussion for the whole group, or the class can break up into groups of 4-5 and conduct the discussions themselves.

Our course has a handy facilitator guide to get you started!

Is this only for women? 

Many churches will be interested in this content for their women’s Bible studies – I know my women’s Bible study is always looking for our next study! But it’s up to you – there is nothing in the material that is geared specifically toward women. It’s geared toward people who want to know Jesus!

Why does the video course cost money? Shouldn’t Bible Study be free? 

The content of this study is available free in the recordings of discussion classes on my YouTube channel. You are absolutely welcome to watch them instead! But some of you have requested complete courses you could use with your own group. Producing a video course is pretty time-consuming, it turns out. And the web-based hosting platforms cost money. Having a course for purchase allows me to make this kind of finished study.

What about my question? You didn’t answer it. 

Please contact me with any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them!