Have you been traveling this spring? We have kids in school, so Spring Break is a big opportunity for us to go somewhere. Last year we stayed home but this year we took an incredible trip to Finland. We toured Helsinki and spent several days near Ivalo in the Arctic Circle. We did a sauna + ice dip in the frozen Baltic Sea, fed reindeer and took a reindeer sleigh ride, went cross-country skiing, drove the Husky sleds with teams of dogs, and spent the night in a glass igloo. So many amazing opportunities (and I’ve included a few pictures)! The cap on the week was a late-night trip out into the Finnish forest to hunt for the Northern Lights. What a fabulous experience to see them moving across the sky!

The lights are surprising–you can see them just with your eyes, but they are a light, whiteish haze. When you look at them through a camera lens, even without taking the photo, you see the brilliant green color. A woman from our tour group wisely commented on how little of what’s there we can see from our human point of view. There is so much more behind what we can see!

And isn’t that how our lives are? Even when we only see a haze or a shadow of what God is doing, there is so much more. God is at work behind the visible show.

I’d love to hear about what you did this spring, whether it was a big trip, some time getting the yard ready for the next season, or anything else! Contact me to start a conversation, or comment below!

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